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"Before you can help someone else you must help yourself first" Anon.

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Counselling Training Courses - your career begins here!

Counselling training courses seek to provide the necessary tools to support the development of vital skills necessary for a wide variety of roles including counselling. We offer the first and the next steps in counselling, providing you with qualified and experienced delivery of level 2 and 3 training.

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Why choose a counselling training course?

With the increasing pressures in society today leading to the growth in the number of people suffering from mental health, there is a demand for individuals to undertake counselling training courses to reach out and help fill the gap and provide support NOW!. The NHS and NICE have endorsed the effectiveness of counsellors in making a difference in the lives of others. Maybe you have considered a counselling training course before but the time was not right, or maybe you just want to develop effective counselling skills to improve your communication and relationship with others or, you are in need of CPD to support your current work. Whatever the reason, we provide counselling training courses recognised by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

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Level 2 Counselling Training Courses

This course covers a number of essential aspects relevant to develop your insight and knowledge of counselling and counselling skills. It will also support progression onto the level 3 and level 4 counselling course.

Is this course for me? This qualification is designed as a basic introduction to counselling for those who have no previous experience of, or training in, the field of counselling. It is appropriate for those who are • returning to study • seeking a career change • undertaking voluntary work • enhancing career prospects through extra qualifications • thinking of training as a professional counsellor • seeking development or enhanced social skills.

How long is the course? You can attend either the 10 week course offered in the evenings or the intensive 5 week course offered in the day. The 5 week course will enable you to complete the level 2 course in a much shorter time and is convenient for those who prefer a day time offering and have limited time available.

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Level 3 Counselling Training Courses

The Level 3 qualification aims to:

*develop a repertoire of counselling skills at a consistent level
*underpin these skills with an understanding of one major therapeutic model
*increase self-awareness and awareness of the impact that they have on others.

Is this course for me? This qualification is designed for those interested in developing their skills further to become a counsellor.

How long is the course The course runs over an academic year. There is a possibility of a day time offering which will run over 20 weeks.

For further information about Counselling Training Courses

Contact: Chrysalis Well Being Counselling and Training - Telephone: 07940 501 222 - Email [email protected] or use the link on the home page.

We are happy to tailor training for specific areas such as South London, Croydon, Purley and surrounding areas. If you are interested in Level 2 or Level 3 counselling training courses in South London, Croydon or Purley then please email and register your interest.

Email: [email protected] or use the email link on the home page.

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