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Transforming lives, one step at a time!

Find hope, peace and strength to break negative patterns of thinking!

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Develop Healthy Relationships, Break Negative Cycles, Change Destructive Patterns of Behaviour and be Transformed!

A New Year is often the time when we consider a fresh start and a new you - looking for transformation to change our lives. More often than not new year's resolutions don't last because they fail to deal with the underlying issues that prevent lasting change that can only come about by the process of transformation.

To begin the transformation one must become actively involved in the process of transitioning from one state to another but, it cannot happen without consciously making a decision that enough is enough! Enough of what I hear you ask? Enough of the old ruminations focusing on 'what was, what if and what now'! Make this year the year you break out of mediocrity and transition into transforming your life.

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Chrysalis Well Being has been a partner in the transformation of lives to improve emotional well being and break cycles of defeat. We are uniquely placed to provide a therapeutic practice based upon experience within a number of areas to include education, mentoring, restorative justice, parenting, youth work, church ministry, crisis counselling, as well as experience working in the health and banking sector.

The first step is often the hardest because we have so many doubts - that's normal - but lasting change can happen and has happened for others. Chrysalis provides a non-judgemental space to talk, explore and transform - we talk about the issue, explore possibilities and identify resources that help to bring about transformation - enabling you to live your life more successfully - one step at a time . Be empowered - its your time to grow your wings and soar! Counselling is available in Redhill, Reigate and surrounding areas. Redhill is easily accessible from Purley and Coulsdon.

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Looking for therapy?

Do you have concerns about a loved one? A member of staff? A friend? A colleague? A neighbour? A parent?
Your son or daughter? Wondering if counselling will help?

Do you live in Purley or Coulsdson? Maybe your'e based in Redhill or the surrounding areas of Reigate and Banstead? Simply click the link here and read the Benefits of counselling.

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Do you have some personal concerns of your own?

Are you are:

*Feeling lost and alone?

*Feeling judged?

*Trying to make sense of life?

*Tired of the struggle?

*Having difficulties sleeping?

*Constantly in worry mode?

Looking for an experienced and qualified counsellor easily acccessible on the A23 from Purley, Coulsdon, Redhill or Reigate and Banstead
who is uniquely placed to provide therapy for a range of individuals and personal issues?

Then click here to read more About Me and my Qualifications.

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We provide counselling in within easy reach of Coulsdon, Purley, Redhill, Reigate and Banstead and surrounding areas. A FREE 15 minute initial telephone assessment allows a moment of reflection as you learn about the support tailor made for you - a time of quiet contemplation because you matter!

Transport links from Coulsdon, Purley, Redhill and Reigate: easily accessible by car along the A23, by train to either Redhill, Earlswood or Salfords station or by bus (100 ) from Redhill.

Contact Chrysalis Well Being today for further information on: 07940 501 222.
Email: [email protected] or use the link on the home page.

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Interactive Staff Workshops or Creative Inset Training Sessions

Looking to increase staff effectiveness and increase performance? Then Chrysalis Well Being are well placed to provide interactive and creative workshops to improve insight and collegial relationships. We provide tailored workshops suitable for staff Inset days and team building sessions. Together we explore the use of counselling skills to improve communication and repair and build effective relationships in the workplace. We come to you so, if you are located in South London, Croydon, Coulsdon, Purley or Reigate and Banstead and surrounding areas then get in touch now!

Counselling Training Courses in South London

Thinking about changing your career or looking to improve your skills? Train to change lives! For further information click Training Courses and begin a new journey in your life. Don't forget to view the Testimonials from those who have already begun the journey of transformation!

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